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Hameau de Gesset
31510 Sauveterre-de-Comminges
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Regional Cuisine

The cuisine of the region is deliciously rich and earthy - famous for its hearty robust flavours. Poultry - chicken, turkey and guinea fowl, and particularly goose and duck - features in many regional dishes.

The liver - fois gras - was, and still is, one of the most prized parts, either cooked or simply marinated and eaten raw, while the fat often served as a substitute for butter. The breastis delicious when grilled. Alternatively, the breast and legs are covered in salt and left for some time before being oven cooked and then preserved in their own fat, making the flesh as soft as butter. This rich and flavoursome dish is known as confit.

Other ingredients to be found locally are also incorporated into local recipes: walnuts (either whole or as oil), garlic, wild mushrooms and truffles.

Dining at Hostellerie des 7 Molles

Gastronomy is an important part of the experience at Hostellerie des 7 Molles. The ornate dining room, Grande Salle Soleil, overlooking the garden serves up a tempting selection of dishes, using the finest seasonal ingredients. Fine mahogany furniture is dressed with rich fabrics and linen. Flowing, delicate curtains, spectacular chandeliers, vibrant paintings and beautiful table candles all create and old-world charm. The traditional oak parquet flooring and fire place add to the warmth and romance. Sit before a place setting that mirrors the verdant greens you see from the large windows and enjoy the most tempting flavours.

Chef Christian Deschamps is a culinary artist who masterfully combines seasonal produce to create an unforgettable fine dining experience. On the menu is regional cuisine. The dishes are distinctive and delicious enhanced by local wines and excellent variety of cheese. Savour the delights of duck and foie gras, enjoy the local piperade and indulge in a selection of local desserts. There is also a wealth of seafood - salmon, oysters, muscles (subject to availability).

Our chef proposes:
  • Saveurs du Sud Quest (South West Delight): 29.50 EUR
  • Menu du Jour (Today's Menu): 39 EUR
  • Menu Gastronomique de Dégustation : 48 EUR
Meal Hours
  • Breakfast: 8.00 am to 10.30 am
  • Lunch: 12 to 13.30
  • Dinner: 19.30 to 21
Meals are served at Salon des Meuniers or Grande Salle Soleil. Alternatively, if the weather permits, you can lunch or dine on the gorgeous garden terrace.

Breakfast at Hostellerie des 7 Molles

Breakfast here is a wonderful continental treat offering a bountiful basket of freshly baked croissants, tartines, muffins and Viennese pastries accompanied with a delicious selection of homemade marmalades, plumps, honey and butter. Served with a choice of fresh juices, tea, coffee, yogurts and seasonal fruits.

Lobby Lounge & Bar

In the true French tradition, the bar, adjacent to the lobby offers a private and luxurious space for guests to relax, socialize and entertain. Featuring sumptuous sofas, comfy chairs, piano and bar, it invites you to get cozy in front of the fireplace. You will find here an excellent selection of fine wines, classic and innovative cocktails, beers and regional wines buzet and jurancon.

Private Dinners

We cater for private parties, celebrations and seminars. Special menus can be created from 10 to 100 people. We promise an enchanting venue, attentive staff and excellent food that can turn the most ordinary event into a magical one.

Restaurant Tariffs
  • Menu (s): 29.50 EUR to 48 EUR
  • Breakfast: 13 EUR
Restaurant Closed
  • Lunch during the week

The world famous traditional Martres-Tolosane porcelain is an essential part of the culinary experience at Hostellerie des 7 Molles. The hotel has a vast collection of this rare 18th century art. The most precious pieces are displayed in a showcase at the restaurant. What's amazing is despite its enormous price, the restaurant carries on the tradition of using Martres-Tolosane porcelain. Each piece is hand-painted hence no two pieces are same. Bearing the stamp of the artist, the dishes are a collector's item and beautifully decorated with traditional motifs, flowers, birds and images of local peasant girl.

For three centuries, Martres-Tolosane has built up its reputation around earthenware. A technique born of an expertise that no machine could replace. The 18th century was the heyday of the china martraise. The merchants in the area were numerous, pottery was most famous. But the revolution and competition put an end to that. Today there are only a handful of factories in Martres.

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