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Sauveterre de Comminges is a cluster of 11 picturesque hamlets nestled in the stunning foothills of beautiful landscapes outlining the fertile plains of Rieussec. It is a unique community in France whereby all hamlets have their own distinctive names but come together under the name of Sauveterre. During the Middle Ages this helped them to protect themselves against the invaders.

In 1936, Sauveterre added the name of the ancient comté "de Comminges". The Comminges word comes from Convehnes and the Latin word Convenarum which was the name of ancient Roman area that had Lugdunum Concenarum as the capital (Saint Bertrand de Comminges).

Overlooking Sauveterre is a 567 meters high hill on which was built, during the Middle Ages, Gaston Phébus - a feudal castle. At the moment the only thing existing is a 11th century square dungeon including chapel (Notre Dame) which is extremely well restored and maintained. From up there the visitors can enjoy a stunning panorama of the breath-taking scenery.

If you are in search of silence that could inspire poetry, this the perfect place for you. Your wanderings here will be rich, peaceful, and full of pleasant surprises.

History of the 7 Water Mills

Crouched along the steep banks of the mountain stream the "Roussec", were seven water mills that ground the wheat and corn produced in the region. On Sundays past, the people went to these mills to collect the fine white flour produced by the great stone wheels and to drink from the joyous stream.

The mills prospered in Sauveterre! These seven mills gave a special something to this green corner of the Comminges.

Sadly with time and the rise of great modern mills, the seven little water wheels went into decline and were abandoned. The forest returned to the banks of the stream to reclaim the ruins of the mills for their own.

The stones from these seven mills (or molles) were recovered by the family Chabau to decorate the gardens of the Hotel at the foot of the valley, which they then baptised "Le Relais des 7 Molles".
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